Wedding Kiss

5 Must Have Wedding Photos

Wedding photos comprise the memories of your wedding that you will cherish for life, so they are one of the most crucial parts of the day. This is why you want to ensure the photographer gets every photo opportunity right from the preparation photos to the end.

First, you want to make sure you hire a professional photographer you can rely on to deliver high-quality wedding photography. A professional photographer knows all about lighting, beautiful shots, and how to get it all right. That doesn’t mean they control everything. You can still make a list of all the moments you want to capture to ensure a smooth time. Make sure you book the wedding photographer well in advance to avoid the last-minute rush of wedding planning.

Even though your wedding photographer will take you through the moments they intend to capture, it is important to keep your needs in there too. This is where your shot-list comes in. They’re the moments that you know your photo album wouldn’t be complete without. Here are some wonderful wedding photos you simply must include in your wedding album to capture the day.

The Bridesmaids

Bridesmaids Photo

The bridal party comprises of people who are special to the bride and the groom, so they should definitely make an appearance in your wedding album. Candid shots of the bridesmaids, getting dressed, their attire, their accessories, their bouquets, and standing with the bride should definitely make an appearance in the wedding photos. Don’t forget the groomsmen, with candid and posed shots to include all the special people in your life as a couple.

Foreheads Together

Wedding Photography

This wonderfully tender wedding photo is sure to set fire to the bridal couple’s hearts once they see it. It is a reflection of just how much they love each other, lean on each other and support each other. It shows that you will be there for each other and in each other’s lives for good.

The Whispering Groom

Wedding Photos

This lovely image shows the groom whispering sweet nothings to his blushing bride on their special day. It shows a romantic side of the wedding couple and you can frame it for your bedroom wall. There’s an intimacy that no other photo style can capture, almost like there’s something only the bride should know.


Wedding Pictures

A classic hand-holding wedding photo is a must-have for your wedding album. It can be taken as you walk down the aisle as husband and wife or as you come into the reception as a new couple. A close up of your hands showing both wedding bands will be a welcome indication of the lovely details involved and a start to your journey together.

An Almost Kiss

Wedding Kiss

This wedding photo is another classic and one of the more romantic images to have in your wedding album. It is one way to show how much you love each other without being over the top. Opt for a simple backdrop to keep the attention purely on the intimacy and romance as a couple.