Awesome Wedding Photos that You Can’t Miss

Photos are part and parcel of your wedding day. You want beautiful shots that you can put on display in your home and look back with fond memories. But how do you get the perfect shots? What if you want to do something a little different? You need these five awesome wedding photos to get you started.

Photo from Above

One of the best ways to pose for a photo is by looking up. You stretch your neck, since your head has to look up. This helps to avoid the double chin and can make you look a lot thinner than you really are. If you’re worried about your weight in your wedding photos, then this is definitely the angle that you want to take for yours.

Turning the head, so you’re looking backwards, is another excellent angle. You can hide your “bad side” and stretch the neck and face more to avoid double chins and other embarrassing looks.

If you’re still self-conscious, brides can always lay their hair or veil so they cover the neck and chin!

Wedding Photography

Lean Forward with the Bridesmaids

You want to have your bridesmaids in your photos, but everyone may be worried about how they look. The straight up photos often look staged and posed. It’s time to opt for something a little different.

Have everyone lean forward to the camera. You can also use bouquets to hide the neck and chin if you’re all really worried about it. By leaning forward, you can hide most of the waist area and the flowers will hide over parts that you’re not necessarily happy about. It’s also easier to pull fun faces and look like you’re really having fun.


Add the Emotion

Sometimes posed looks can be the most romantic. There are also times that photographers can get candid shots that offer far more emotion than the staged. The romantic kiss is one of those.

Have whatever background at your venue you choose and just be in each other’s arms. Enjoy one another’s company and show how much you love each other. A simple kiss from the groom on the bride’s nose is an excellent way to show the sensitive side for the wedding day.

Photo of Bride and Groom

Snaps at the Wedding Meal

Candid shots give a true look into the day. During the meal, encourage your photographer to snap away. You’ll be surprised at some of the poses you get. You’ll have a range of smiles, discussions, and a look of fun on your guests face. You can even catch children in action as they’re up to something.

Don’t forget about toasting each other. Spend time just chatting with one another and offer your photographer some romantic and emotional shots. Show how happy you both are about this big day with your glass of bubbly.

Wedding Picture

Have Fun with Posed Photo Shots

Just because you have a lot of posed shots doesn’t mean they have to be bad. Wedding photos are one of the best times to have a lot of staged fun with your wedding party. Grab your groomsmen and bridesmaids and start having some fun together.

One idea is to have the bride and groom kissing. While the bridesmaids look happy for the couple or even a little faux jealous, the groomsmen can cover their eyes in embarrassment. They can also pull faces to mimic the bride and groom.

This will depend on the relationship between you all. Hopefully all the wedding party knows each other well enough to have fun at these staged moments.

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