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Cute Wedding Ideas

You want your wedding day to be that special day with all the best memories. It’s important that it shows your guests who you are as individuals, but also as a couple. While you may want some tradition, there are many cute, floral, and unique wedding ideas that you can use. Here are just seven to get you started.

Welcome with a Chalkboard

Get a large chalkboard as a way to welcome your guests. You can write any message that you want on there. Make it clear that your guests are in the right place, especially if you know you’re in a place with multiple weddings.

The chalkboard is an excellent place to add a seating plan. Don’t have one? Let your friends and family know that they’re welcome to sit wherever they would like.

Wedding Ideas

Create Rustic Table Numbers

If you do have a seating plan, you’ll want table numbers. Got an outdoor wedding or want to bring the countryside indoors? Use cuts of tree to create rustic and beautiful table numbers. You only need small cuts and a black (or other color for your color scheme) sharpie. If you’re using names instead of numbers, you might want slightly larger cuts.

Wedding Table Number

Mason Jar Candle Holders

Many people choose to have candles around their wedding venue. They’re intimate, romantic, and practical. But you don’t want the flames being knocked over, right? We’ll it’s time to get creative with your candle holders. Mason jars are excellent options.

One of the best things about mason jars is they’re easy to get out of the way. Tie string around them and hang them up. There’s no need to worry about someone knocking the jars over and sending flames everywhere when they’ve had too much to drink.

You can get different colored mason jars if you want. Alternatively, keep the mason jars plain and add different colored candles for your color scheme.

Candles Wedding Decor

Mini Jar Favors

Wedding favors are often expected by guests. They’re a way to say thank you. A small jar of candies or sugared almonds are an excellent option. If you’re marrying into different cultures, opt for the candy of those cultures for each sides of the family.

Get a small jam jar (the mini taster ones) and wash them out. Then just decorate with your color scheme or theme and place in the middle of the table. Your guests will love them and the jars are easy to carry home.

Wedding Favors

Keep Your Invites Simple

You don’t need to put a lot on invites. Sometimes simple is the best option. Opt for bright white card that folds decoratively. Then add some white ribbon around it. The white makes it very clear at first glance that this is a wedding invitation. The ribbon will help to keep any little slips (like the RSVP card) contained inside.

Wedding Card

Use Smaller Handheld Chalkboards for Photos

You can get smaller chalkboards from most art stores. Get those that you can add sticks to, making them handhold boards for your photo needs. You can add all types of messages, including “just married” or “Mr. and Mrs. [Name]” to the board. Don’t forget the chalk so your guests can add their own messages to you.

Just Married Chalkboard

Avoid Icing on Your Cake

Most people expect icing around their cake. It dresses the cake up and allows you to add more personality. But what about leaving your cake naked? This is a unique idea that will drawn attention to it in many other ways. You can still add an icing toping or your toppers to make it clear it’s a wedding cake. Use fruit and flowers to dress it instead.

Special Cake