Bridal Makeup

Gorgeous Wedding Makeup Ideas for Brides

It’s coming up for your wedding day. You have the dress and the shoes. Your hair trial has been positive. Now it’s just time for your makeup. Just what do you do to your face on the day of your wedding? Do you want to go with the same old style that you usually do? Here’s a look at some fun and gorgeous wedding makeup ideas for brides.

Opt for the Smoky Eye Look

Get your smoky eye makeup tools out and go for the look. You don’t need to opt for very dark black around the outer sections of your eyes. Dark browns will help to get the bridal version of the look just right.

But it’s not just about the eyes with this look. You also want to bring out the color in the face. Keep as much of your makeup as neutral as possible and then add a little color to the cheeks and lips. Just a light pink or rouge will do the trick for these parts of your face. You can add a little white around the nose if you want to make it look shiny, as if the sun is naturally touching it.

Wedding Makeup

Go with the Porcelain Look

While you don’t want the impression that you are a porcelain doll, when it comes to your wedding this look is timeless. It makes your face look blemish free, but natural at the same time. If you already have fine skin then it will just help to bring out the beauty even more.

Opt for neutral colors with your makeup. The only place you want a hint of another color is your eyes. You can opt for the smoky eye look if you want, but just a beautiful mix of beiges will do the trick. If you are going for the smoky eye look, do it with the whites and blacks to really stand out for the day.

Elegant Makeup

Make the Lips Stand Out

Sometimes you want to draw attention to a specific part of your face. In this case, it’s your lips. Make them stand out with a bright and bold color. Dark or bright pinks are perfect for this, but you can also choose reds if you really want.

When it comes to the rest of the face, try to stay as natural as possible. The only other part of the face that could stand out is your eyes. Use a mixture of white and beige, working half and half to make your eyes look sharper and intense.

Finish with a little blush to the cheeks. Your wedding day will be tiring and you want to look like you have color to your cheeks for your photos.

Bridal Makeup

Get the Purple Look

Want your lips to stand out even more? It’s time to get a darker and bolder color lipstick. Don’t be afraid to show off. This is your wedding day after all. Choose a deep purple or dark brown to really draw attention to your lips. You can match to your nails if you want to complete the look.

With the eyes, you’ll want a smoky eye look. Use beige to black to work with the brown or purple that you’re adding to the lips. The rest of the face needs to have neutral colors with a little blush to your cheeks. You want the rest of the face to look as flawless but natural as possible to finish off the style.

People will be instantly drawn to your lips and eyes with this style.

Dark Red Lips