Spring Wedding

The Perfect Wedding Flowers for a Season-Themed Wedding

Using the season as your theme for a wedding is one of the simplest but most beautiful options. Flower arrangements help to add that look of the season. Here’s a look at the best wedding flowers for each season of the year.

Pink and Whites for the Spring

Spring is all about rebirth and new. Light, pastel colors are often the best option to incorporate in your wedding theme. Pastel pinks, muted oranges, and bright whites make the perfect floral options.

Opt for pink and white roses in the bouquets for bridesmaids. You can add definition with a few different shades of pink to make the beautiful arrangements stand out. Continue the arrangement along the top table, decorating the front with pink and white roses. Don’t forget a pink rose keepsake box for the guests to drop their cards and well-wishes in to finish the decor.

Spring Wedding

Wedding Flowers


Use Bright and Bold Colors in the Summer

The summer is all about bright and bold colors. Make sure you use them in your flower arrangements. Avoid adding too many colors together, though. Keep your arrangements basic with just two or three flowers in a vase for your table centerpieces.

Bold oranges, pinks, yellows, and reds are perfect for the summer. They’ll draw attention right away and make your guests smile. Don’t forget a bouquet of matching flowers for the bride.

Summer Wedding

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Bring the Tropics to Your Wedding

Another beautiful summer wedding theme is to bring the tropics and the sea to your wedding. You can opt for a wedding on the beach or just make it feel like your guests are there. It’s all through the right colors.

Yellow and orange flowers look absolutely beautiful for a tropical summer-themed wedding. Just add a few bright and wide-petal flowers in clear vases along the tables for something simplistic. If you’re willing to do a little more prep work, line a box with seaweed great and add a beautiful bouquet of yellow and orange flowers. Put a box for every four to six chairs or on ever individual table.

Keep the rest of the table clear. The tropics are bright and open-spaced, so you want to create that look with your table decorations. The focus should be on the beautiful wedding flower arrangements.

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Add Fall Colors for September to November Weddings

Fall colors look absolutely beautiful. Browns, deep oranges, and yellow/greens work together extremely well. They offer a feeling of warmth, as the nights get darker quicker. You can compliment your floral arrangements with candles to bring that cozy feeling to complete the seasoned theme.

For the bouquet, use browned leaves to line the outside and don’t forget to add a few cranberries (fake or real) to add the fall fruit to the mixture. Scatter the browned leaves around the table to compliment the flowers.

For the top table, opt for a large bouquet by the bride and groom. Then use smaller floral arrangements along the middle. Always use clear vases to draw attention to the colors of the flowers.

Fall Wedding

Fall Wedding Bouquet


Bring Out the Silvers and Creams for Winter

Winter months are known for snow, cold, and ice. You can get that look and feeling through your floral arrangements. It’s all about using the right colors for your wedding flowers. Silvers, whites, and creams are definitely your best option.

Use white roses with some silver-sprayed twigs, leaves, and leaves for your table decorations and bouquets. Don’t forget a few jewels in the bouquet to add a look of ice drops in the middle. Finish the table decorations with a sprinkle of white rose petals along the runners.


Winter Wedding

Winter Wedding Flowers

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