The Perfect Wedding Invitation

Have you ever thought of the best words to use for a wedding invitation? In reality, deciding on the perfect wordings for your invite can make you more creative. Irrespective of the alluring nature that they may come in, (good old post, perched on a balloon, email or unveiled as a colorful poster), the truth is that they still need to carry clearly conveyed and basic details about the wedding occasion.

You can choose to have the most elegant invite ever, but when it comes to wedding invites, they just have to be informative and spell out the necessary wedding info such as who is getting married? Who is hosting? The dress code, sitting order, when and where the ceremony will take place. How you share these information goes a long way to express your interests, the kind of guests you are expecting and the kind of wedding you plan to have.

You want to put your best to ensure your wedding invitation is structured correctly. I am sure you have received some wedding invitation that possibly got you frowning and some that made you scream aloud: yes! I must be there. So what are the right wordings to include for that wedding invite? How should it be structured? Here are a few suggestions below.


Together with their families

Michelle Freeman and John Terry

Invite you to celebrate their marriage

On Saturday, September 16th, 2017.


The Rosewood inn, 213, Capiote drive, Alameda, California, 92837.

Dinner and dancing to follow.


A perfect wedding invitation should be structured as follows:

The Host Line:

This should be the first line in the wedding invitation and where you mention who is hosting the wedding. It could be the bride’s family, both families, or even the intending couples. However, you should note that the host-line isn’t for sale but rather an honour you bestow on a person.

The Invitation Line:

This part is where you actually invite people-“Invite you to celebrate.” You can use any phrase you deem appropriate for this purpose, but it must be conveyed in a manner that bestows honour on the guest.

The Names:

Although this looks simple, it can be misused by an intending couple. You might ask: whose name should be on it? Whose name should be first? Many think it should be the bride’s and this is the original pattern.

The Information:

You have to be careful while structuring this line, it’s advisable to stick to the basics, so people don’t get confused. Time, date and location are significant.

The Party Line:

What should the guest expect after the wedding? Will it be at the same place or a different location? In case you aren’t serving them a full meal, this is the best part to state it, as it can make you get creative. You can include a slang, joke or a humorous quote.


Are you searching for a guide in structuring that perfect wedding invitation? These suggestions should assist you to know the proper wordings to include and mistakes to avoid as well.

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