Simple Cake

Wedding Cake Inspiration

When it comes to wedding cakes, you can make the right decision when you are more informed about them. Currently, there are so many cake designs to choose, ranging from classic and simple to unique connections to the personality of the couple.

Simple Tips to Choose the Perfect Cake

Attend the cake tastings for bakers you are interested in working with. Cake tastings enable couples to taste the range of flavors to find the perfect option for guests. They are also a great way to meet the bakers and know the full range of their abilities.

Choose the wedding cake once you know the décor and dress styles. The elements become the draft not just for the colors and style of cake, but the structure. You’ll also want to consider the menu, flower arrangements, season, and venue style. Don’t forget to provide the baker with fabric swatches if you want colorful accents added to the cake. A collaboration between the baker and perhaps your florist to add fresh flowers or floral accents to the wedding cake might pay off in the end.

The size of the wedding cake will depend on the number of guests attending. Consult with your baker on the number so they can make the wedding cake small or large enough.

Cost will affect your decisions. Larger, more expressive cakes will cost more to make. Some people opt for cupcakes to keep the costs down.

Armed with these wedding cake tips, you are now ready to choose the ideal wedding cake for your wedding. Here is some inspiration to help you make your choice.

Unique Cake – Asymmetrical and Personal

Unique Wedding Cake

A unique cake like this one has a more personalized touch in terms of the wedding theme. Asymmetrical cakes can look messy if not created properly, so get all the details together with a professional baker for beauty and personality.

Small and Simple Wedding Cake

Simple Cake

When working with a smaller guest list, keep your cake similar. You can create a beautiful, customized cake for your big day, working exactly with the theme. One of the best things is the amount of money you can save.

Rustic Naked Cake

Rustic Wedding Cake

Naked cakes are becoming all the rage. You capture the beauty and romance of the wedding, without over the top decorations. Consider Victoria Sponge for a natural taste for the rustic look.

Fall Wedding Cake – Work with the Seasons

Fall Wedding Cake

A season-themed cake is an excellent way to incorporate some color into the wedding cake if you do not want the cake to be too close to the wedding theme. If the wedding will be held outdoors, the baker can arrange for icing options that are weather-friendly depending on the season. Work with natural elements from the season to finish the look, whether it’s leaves for the fall or bright flowers for the summer.

Beach Wedding Cake

Beach Sea Cake

If you’re opting for a destination wedding or that was your dream, incorporate that through your cake design. Bring the beach to you if you can’t get to it. Or add something from the location to remind yourself of the wedding from a glance at the wedding photos.