Laser Cut Invitation Card

Wedding Invitation Trends to Observe

Wedding invitations make a first impression to the guests about the wedding and they give a sneak peak of their color scheme and wedding style. You should make sure the design resonates with both of you.

The wedding invitation will define your wedding style by listing the location, time, and formality of the event. You should know the type of event you will be holding- modern and glamorous, relaxed and casual, or elegant and classic- before you shop for stationery. The wedding invitation style will reflect on a similar note.

You should also voice your likes and preferences about the invitation style to the stationer. The wedding colors will be incorporated in the invitations through the hues or a motif that will also be carried through all your wedding paper such as the ceremony programs, menus, and escort cards. Select the colors while considering readability of the wedding invitations.

You are not restricted to a rectangular shape when it comes to your invitations. If you are looking for a modern or playful vibe, you can go for square, scalloped, or even circular shaped invitations. Keep the text in mind as you consider the patterns and colors on your invites. It should be legible considering it is the main point of sending the invitation out initially. You will want a distinctive contrast between the invitation background and the text. As you also select a wedding font, ensure the words are readable as much as they are also pretty.

These guidelines for making your wedding invitations will be useful as you choose from the following wedding invitation trends.

Small and Simple

Wedding Invitations

This cute wedding invitation is meant to keep it short and sweet so it should have the main points on the invitation which are the couple’s names, the date, time, location, RSVP information, and the dress code (optional). As much as it is a simple invitation, you will want to make sure it captures the essence of the wedding theme.

Season-Themed Wedding Invitation

Spring Wedding Invitation

This will depend on the season in which your wedding event will be held of course. You will have to incorporate the color scheme of the wedding and the theme in the form of corresponding color hues and motifs.

Rustic Wedding Invitation

Rustic Wedding Invitation

If your wedding is rustic themed, then it is only natural to have rustic wedding invitations so the entire theme ties together. You will want to use authentic items on the invitations to enhance the austere feeling on the invitation card.

Laser Cut Wedding Invitation

Laser Cut Invitation Card

If there is a specific motif tied to the wedding theme that you have agreed on, it will come to play in your invitation cards by having them laser cut. Laser cut cards have a cleaner look and feel to them.

Inside Designs

Sample 1

Sample 2

Sample 3

The inside of the card will require the wedding font and the wedding colors to complement each other for the invitation card to embrace the wedding theme flawlessly. It is where all the content of the invitation card will be so you need to make sure you choose the font, colors, and background appropriately.